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As one of the premier custom builders, Zarcon Homes has years of experience developing innovative projects, from custom home builds to additions, renovations and interior design projects, in some of the Greater Toronto’s most prominent neighbourhoods. With cutting-edge design and precision at the forefront of every project,

In addition to highly personalized service, clients benefit from the extensive resources that Zarcon Homes offers, including partnerships with craftsmen that have proven time and time again they can meet the company’s professional standards.

If you dream of building a distinctive and remarkable home, you can trust Zarcon Homes to deliver on time and on budget project that will transform your dream into reality.

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With the busy life style that everyone has we believe that your project for should be as less stressful and time consuming as possible.
Some of the services we offer are:

Land Development


Architectural design


Interior design

design and ideas

Building Permits

city permits

Project management

100+ workers

Large scale renovation

residential and commercial
  • Tatiana Langmuir


    When we first went house hunting, our real estate agent told us she did not want us to buy a new home because “many builders nowadays cut too many corners”. But the moment we walked in to our soon to be new home built by Zarcon Homes, our agent acknowledged this home was an exception. Living in Europe had raised our expectations in terms of design, quality and workmanship — and this home instantly felt like the perfect match. We wondered whether it was too good to be true?
    But our doubt quickly dissipated when the home inspector could not find any deficiencies for his report; when people continued to stop on the street to look and take pictures of the house; when neighbours commented on how professionally the build process was managed; and when other quality trades walked into the home and spontaneously commented “Wow, this home is REALLY well built”.
    Zarcon doesn’t cut corners on design, materials or settle for mediocre trades/work. They obsess over each job, taking exceptional pride in their homes and fully guaranteeing their work. They were always responsive to my phone calls and messages, even on minor warranty items needing urgent attention.
    A builder with OCD – yes please! A company that takes pride and passion in their work and who knows the job doesn’t end once they hands you the keys – definitely! A company that builds a home that still takes your breath away two, five or ten years later? Then look no further.

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